Michelle Cook - Rosenthal® 100% Natural Skincare

Michelle has been a student of essential oils for over 25years, and has been incorporating them into her daily routines for just as long - from both a skincare and wellness perspective. Approaching health and wellbeing holistically where possible; this naturally transitioned to the creation of an all-natural skincare range, and becoming a qualified Facial Radiance™ Practitioner 4 & a half years ago; seemed a logical and natural fit to her overall philosophy. 

In her gorgeous & tranquil location on Jervois Road (Herne Bay), you can now experience a relaxing and restorative Facial of your choice; and sample the full range of SkinCare Products she hand-blends.  

Rosenthal was Michelle's great-grandmother's maiden name, and in a nod to her Polish heritage & specifically to her Mum (Ilona) and Narnie Flo (Grandmother); Rosenthal® was chosen to represent the gorgeous natural facial oil range that she batch hand-blends, as well as the beautiful relaxation and radiance facial technique she is qualified in. 

Restore Balance | Be Radiant - Naturally